The least stressful jobs of 2017

The least stressful jobs of 2017

Stress isn’t just a mild inconvenience: it’s life-threatening.

Working in a stressful environment for 15 years increases the risk of five forms of cancer (stomach, lung, colon, rectal cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma), research from Quebec University, published in Preventative Medicine and reported in the Daily Mail, has found.

Scientists at institute measured the frequency of cancer amongst men with work-related pressures to find the link. There was no link to cancer among men who had been under intense levels of pressure for less than 15 years.

Factors mentioned by participants who had been diagnosed with cancer were not just restricted to high work load and time pressure; job insecurity, financial problems and dealing with customers were also mentioned.

Dr Blanc-Lapierre, who authored the study, said: “The association between perceived workplace psychological stress - over the entire work career - and cancer among men has never been assessed.

“Prolonged exposure to perceived stress at work was associated with greater odds of cancer at five out of eleven sites.

“While over reporting of stress by cases cannot be fully ruled out, these associations, if substantiated, would bear important public health significance.”

However, the doctor stressed that these conclusions don’t prove anything yet, and that further research is needed, taking all sources into account, to form unfailing stress measurements.

Earlier this month HR Grapevine also reported on the link between workplace stress, heart attacks and strokes. More information can be found here.

On the theme of stress, CareerCast have compiled a list of the least stressful jobs of 2017. 

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