Men more likely to cry after performance review than women

Men more likely to cry after performance review than women

Performance reviews are a usually-dreaded but almost inescapable part of working life – and a new study by Adobe has revealed whom is more likely to be affected by these meetings.

The computer software giant found that 25% of men cried after work appraisals compared to 18% of women. 

Findings also revealed that dramatic reactions were sparked by performance reviews: 43% of men and 31% of women looked at new jobs as a result of performance review outcomes.

Millenials were highlighted as a workforce generation that had particularly strong post-review reactions: a third have cried right after these meetings and 30% quit their job.

The 1,500 person survey of US office workers also discovered that almost two-thirds of office workers (64%) believed that review-type appraisals were an outdated style of performance management.

Adobe abolished review style processes on 2012, focusing on delivering performance feedback that was more continual.

With no anxious lead-up to these annual dates in the workplace diary, Adobe states that their share price has risen from $30 to $80 since ‘Check-in’s’ replaced annual appraisals.

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  • Big Dog
    Big Dog
    Wed, 18 Jan 2017 12:26pm GMT

    Great Article! Performance reviews in my experience, at the various companies I have worked at, are often seen as more of a formality and is often a process completed out of compliance, rather than for constructive and beneficial purposes for staff development. Line managers often can feel they need to do an appraisal not for positive development purposes, but more so because HR says so, and they need to be compliant to company policy.


    Some use performance review's can be a tool for line managers to restrict pay rises, exert their superiority or address workplace issues, rarely to commend good performance, or offer pay rises etc. I think appraisals are outdated, and should be more of an on-going process throughout their employment with no looming appraisal day etc. Well done Adobe!

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