3 job advert mistakes you should avoid

3 job advert mistakes you should avoid

Rothschild & Co.’s recent job advertisement for an Assistant Head Butler may have raised the eyebrows of those who frequently criticise the excess of the City, but a hidden detail within it itself will have caused shock and surprise on a much wider scale.

The bank said that one of the Assistant Head Butler’s tasks will be to “assist with the management of the Panty inbox”.  

Now, while this is merely down to a typo it does raise the issue of crafting job adverts and, obviously, double-, triple- and, if needs be, quadruple-checking them before they go out. 

Other mistakes, according to Hays Talent Soultions’ Global Director of People & Culture, Susie Timlin, include misleading job titles, a company that doesn’t sound compelling and an uninspiring job specification.

Timlin’s tips can be seen on the next page. 

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