Top 50 bizarre tasks Brits have had to do at work revealed

Top 50 bizarre tasks Brits have had to do at work revealed

1. Sweep the floors

2. Cleaning toilets

3. Clearing up rubbish

4. Feeding animals

5. Unknotting Christmas lights

6. Cuddle someone

7. Type phone contacts into a spreadsheet

8. Removing hair from hairbrushes

9. Stack books

10. Play computer games

11. Pack and stack boxes

12. Erecting fences

13. Wash people’s hair

14. Plan a wedding

15. Soak and peel the labels off bottles

16. Cut pre-made sandwiches into triangles

17. Peel the pith from satsuma segments

18. Shredding paper manually due to a broken-down shredder

19. Polish cutlery with vinegar

20. Hand grating massive bowls of cheese

21. Attaching security tags / labels to products

22. Teach English to foreign colleagues

23. Remove stitches

24. Taste testing

25. Separating security pins from tags

26. Dressing up as a cartoon character

27. Stacking coat hangers

28. Dust books with a paintbrush

29. Dress in a sandwich board in public

30. Wear fake tan and wax chest

31. Wear revealing or indecent clothes to model in

32. Packing fish

33. Do all the boss’s Christmas shopping

34. Cleaning the top of changing room mirrors

35. Stuff crackers

36. Separate different coloured sweets

37. Being a Sports mascot

38. Remove poo from swimming pools

39. Cleaning up road kill

40. Post false good comments about the company online

41. Fire someone, even though it wasn’t your place to do so

42. Fill donuts with jam

43. Chopping the heads off kippers

44. Write Christmas card jokes

45. Eat dog food

46. Delete all emails and files from the boss’s computer

47. Pose as a member of the opposite sex for the day

48. Spy on senior management

49. Buy underwear for the boss’s wife

50. Stand in a line pretending to queue for the sales

How many of these have you been asked to do - if any? Have you ever been assigned to do something completely wacky at work? Tell us in the comments below...

Comments (2)

  • Sue
    Mon, 16 Jan 2017 8:47pm GMT
    Two tasks I was required to do were highly illegal but demanded. Fly to different cities to pick up as many blank receipt books at bars and restaurants as possible. Bringing the blank receipt books back to the office and while seated around a large conference table with all of the women in the office and different colors of pens, we were told to forge as many receipts as possible to back up the bosses expenses as he was being audited by the IRS.
  • Giulia
    Sun, 15 Jan 2017 12:42pm GMT
    I don't think sweeping the floor or clear out rubbish can be considered in this list. It's something that comes out of respect for those who clean after you. In my country every job specification includes "maintaining your desk/workplace clean and tidy" and this means having to clean it/tidy it up at the end of the shift, no matter if the cleaner comes right after.

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