Top 50 bizarre tasks Brits have had to do at work revealed

Top 50 bizarre tasks Brits have had to do at work revealed

Peeling pith from individual satsuma segments, removing hair from hairbrushes and following a fellow employee – all tasks we highly doubt were put on the job specification.

According to a study conducted on 2,000 UK employees by animal charity SPANA, the top fifty most bizarre tasks assigned to employees has been revealed.

The top request on the list was being asked to clean the toilets or sweep the floors at work despite employees not being in cleaning roles. Removing excrement from swimming pools, cleaning up road kill and eating dog food were other unsavoury tasks on the list.

The tasks varied from strange to gross to hilarious, with one respondent recalling being asked to follow another member of staff who left work ill, as the boss suspected that he was off to the pub. Another revealed how they were asked to work overtime to allow another colleague go home and make love due to his partner’s fertile window – The Sun reports.

One respondent was asked to clean her boss’ house as his wife had left him, whilst another was asked to babysit their co-workers children while continuing with their normal workload.

More humiliating tasks saw employees dress up as a cyber dog for the local library and wearing a tomato costume to hand out leaflets, whilst one in ten admitted their role included parading around in underwear.

Of the mundane jobs, colleagues have been asked to pretend to queue for the sales, shred paper manually, and soak and peel the labels off bottles.

Whilst a random request is acceptable now and then, 13% of employees have left the job on the premise that the tasks were too far removed from their job description.

Jeremy Hulme, Chief Executive of SPANA commented on the findings: “It’s surprising to see just how many British workers are routinely expected to carry out tasks that are a long way from their job description and that they didn’t sign up for.

“Many bosses seem comfortable asking their staff to perform duties that are bizarre and beyond the call of duty.

“The good news is that the majority of people do have a choice, and if a job becomes too inappropriate, difficult or stressful, they can often leave or do something about it.”

The top 50 most unexpected tasks can be seen on the next page…

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  • Otilia - PeopleHR
    Otilia - PeopleHR
    Tue, 24 Jan 2017 10:04am GMT
    Giving your employees chance to gain experience in areas not strictly connected to their job role is one thing... but these examples are something else completely!

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