The computer game every employee can relate to

The computer game every employee can relate to

The impact a stressful job can have on an employee’s mental state is overwhelming, and can cause feelings of isolation and depression if not addressed by HR.

A new video game character has managed to capture the universal plight of downtrodden workers all over the world. Aggretsuko is a fictional game icon created by Sanrio, the Japanese company behind the Hello Kitty character.

The game follows Aggretsuko as she navigates her way through her job, and the impact it has on her social life. Her colleagues constantly annoy her, asking her to complete menial and unimportant tasks, whilst her boss takes advantage of her by giving her an unrealistic and unattainable workload – Asia One reports.

This new game has come at an important time in the evolution of Japanese work-life culture, after the country has been forced to reconsider their approach to the working week.

The “karoshi” culture – whereby employees are driven to commit suicide over the intensity of their workloads – is being ebbed out, as the Government rolled out a campaign which encourages businesses to let their staff leave early on the last Friday of every month.  

We recently reported on how other countries approach the working week, including Japan, France and Sweden.

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