Workers given £13k bonus for this amazing reason...

Workers given £13k bonus for this amazing reason...

It’s always important to encourage staff to be benevolent, as one boss proved earlier this week.  

Neil Turvin, CEO of Godel Technology, gave his employees £13,000 to go on a luxury shopping trip. However, the money wasn’t to be spent on themselves, instead they bought iPads and toys for ill children.

Collegues bought 40 iPads and £3,000 worth of toys for children who had to spend their Christmases on the wards of hospitals – Manchester Evening Standard reports.

Employees spoke to The Christie, an information site for cancer patients, to explain the act of kindness: "I think I speak on behalf of everyone that played a part when I say that working for such a generous company and being able to play a part in such a heart-warming event was an absolute privilege.

“We all hope that we were able to bring some smiles not only to the children, but the parents and nursing staff whilst they weren’t at home over the Christmas season.”

A spokesperson for The Christie also responded: “We are thrilled and extremely grateful for the generous gifts from Godel Technologies and know that our patients will really appreciate them.

“These iPad and vouchers will provide a welcome distraction to our teenage and young adult patients and make a difficult time that little bit easier for them.”

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