New Year, New Job - candidates likely to move due to employer fails

New Year, New Job - candidates likely to move due to employer fails

Recruiters, brace yourselves - candidates are likely to be job hunting, as research reveals that just 34% believe their current employer can push them onto the path of success.

A new UK-wide study from First Direct, exploring the concept of success to different age groups found that of those in employment, 44% are unhappy with their income and the unsatisfactory salaries and benefits provided.

In addition, 35% believe a lack of clear development in their current job is hindering their success, and 31% say their organisation doesn’t have good employee satisfaction.

Of those who report that their current employer does offer what they need to be successful, they attribute this to their organisations good values (61%) and job security/stability.

The most important measure of career success cited by Brits, were having a stable and secure job (52%), being in a career you love (49%), working for an organisation with good values (36%) and employee satisfaction (33%).

However, success comes at a price, believing they need to sacrifice relationships and their social life in order to have a successful career, 14% and 17% respectively. Nearly one in five (18%) believe hobbies and interests must be put on the backburner to meet their goals.

The findings also revealed that Brits believe the height of our careers should be around our late twenties and early thirties - but it doesn’t stop there - 66% of over 55’s admit a successful career is important to them. 

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