5 workplace predictions for 2017

5 workplace predictions for 2017

Attracting new talent in the New Year will be a challenge for businesses, as employees demand more flexibility at work, and are not afraid to tell the truth about their employer.

Chief Executive at WorkAdvisor, Philip Price, has made his top five predictions on how our working lives will change in 2017.

1. New talent will be harder to come by than ever

UK unemployment has hit its lowest level in 11 years, at 4.8% and there’s a shortage of people for many significant roles. Companies are finding it harder to attract talented new people. Price predicts that 2017 will see companies trying harder to keep their staff members.

That means that staff feedback will be crucial in ensuring that employees are happy, and changes can be made.

2. Everyone will be more vocal

The race to find the best and most talented employees mean companies will have to showcase their employer brand. With an increasing number of employees speaking up about both the strengths and weaknesses of the business, Price warns employers to take criticism on board. “We’re seeing a rising number of reviews on our site, but it’s not all about people having a moan,” he says.

“Over 60% of the reviews are positive and when there is criticism, the vast majority of it is constructive. Employees have got something to say and they want to be taken seriously.”

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