Church creates hilarious musical ad to catch new minister

Church creates hilarious musical ad to catch new minister

Dedicated employees can be hard to come by, but what if an entire town was committed to finding one?

A Moray Church, in Northern Scotland, has been without a much-needed Minister for over one year – a fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by committed parishioners. The church created a musical recruitment advert in an attempt to lure candidates to their parish, showcasing the bustling community atmosphere that emanates from Keith, Scotland.

According to Press and Journal, the advert was written and directed by the congregation. Esther Green, Secretary of the Vacancy Committee, commented: “We’ve already done the traditional advert in the Church of Scotland’s Life and Work magazine and set up a website to boost the parish profile.

“We were sitting round the table one night and came up with the idea for this video. It didn’t take long to come up with ideas to show off everything that’s going on. Keith, and the whole of Moray really, is a fantastic place to come and live. We just wanted to show everything that it had to offer.

“We’re still an active church, too, with lots of younger members – it’s a lot more than people just sitting in pews on Sunday’ mornings. It’s so much more vibrant.”

A spokesperson for the Church of England added: “We don’t underestimate the scale of the challenge facing congregations like Keith.

“We have been encouraged by the interest we’ve received since we launched our ‘Tomorrow’s Calling’ campaign to promote parish ministry last year.

“But new candidates will take time to train before they are ready.”

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