3 must-have gadgets for the office of the future

3 must-have gadgets for the office of the future

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier

Office temperatures are a common argument - some people are too cold, others are too hot. But did you know that if temperatures fall too low, employees have the right to take the day off?

The Associated Approved Code of Practice states that businesses must take action if workplace temperatures fall below 16°C – although depending on the nature of the work being carried out (if it is more strenuous) a temperature of 13°C may be acceptable. This is a problem that Dyson’s new purifier heater can fix easily with its Jet Focus technology.

But the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Purifier doesn’t just ensure a fast, even and acceptable temperature across the entire room in all seasons, the futuristic fan also purifies the air.

The air pollution inside can be five times worse than the air outside, and given that we spend the majority of our lives in the office, this is something worth considering. The foam that can be found in textile-covered furniture can release formaldehyde gas, air fresheners and cleaning products can contain volatile organic compounds and gas hobs and food cooking (for those with a kitchen in their office) can do the same – let’s not even mention the microscopic material in our keyboards.

Don’t fear though, Dyson’s pillar of purification captures 99.95% of potentially harmful particles, trapping them in the filter and eradicating them from the air you breathe. Furthermore, working with the Dyson Link App and the sensors inside, users can remotely monitor the air quality, set new targets before ‘very poor’ levels are reached and track air quality history to detect peak pollution times.

Price: £499.99

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