Tech Crunch: 3 must-have gadgets for the office of the future

Tech Crunch: 3 must-have gadgets for the office of the future

Forget ping-pong tables, slides and mini-golf courses, there are a handful of futuristic gadgets that will make the workplace more fun - and more productive.

We at Business Grapevine have compiled a list of technological titans that could make a big difference to the office. Some cheaper than others, but all with a strong return on investment.

And while most of these gadgets have been designed and marketed to improve home-life experiences, there are some clear parallels to the office – besides, employees spend more time there than they do in their living rooms.

Here are our three must-have gadgets that business leaders should invest in for the office… 

1. Amazon Echo

Imagine an office dogsbody that didn’t need to be paid minimum wage. We’re not advocating slavery, no, instead we are talking about Artificial Intelligence. No longer a dream of sci-fi scriptwriters, Artificial Intelligence is now part of our modern day lives.

Meet Alexa, the brain behind Amazon’s Echo device. She makes Siri and Cortana look like Neanderthals and could possibly be what every office needs.

With far-field voice controls, Alexa can change the temperature of the office, read out relevant news, recite the office calendar and, for the more liberal offices, play music through the Echo’s 360 omni-directional speakers. She can even settle petty arguments among employees such as; “What’s the tallest mountain in the United Kingdom?”

Working with third party developers (with more to come) Alexa will even be a worthy assistant to those working late. She can order food (Just Eat) and then check train times (National Rail) or order an Uber when people finally leave.

“Millions across the US have already fallen in love with Alexa. And, predictably, she’s even more likeable with a British accent,” said Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder & CEO. “We’re delighted to be bringing Echo and Alexa to the UK.”

Price: £149.99

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