Top 10 hilarious Christmas workplace stories revealed

Top 10 hilarious Christmas workplace stories revealed

With festive distractions aplenty, and employees getting into rest mode before the holiday begins, a merry, relaxed attitude may be seeping into the workplace.

With Christmas cheer, tinsel and banter in the air, CV-Library have exposed the top ten amusing Christmas workplace stories to happen among 1,100 of British workers.

They have been collated below:

Jane, a Retail Assistant from Stirling, recalled: “One worker who was carrying a large plate of homemade mince pies (while dressed as Santa!) tripped coming through the door and dropped the pies all over the floor…what a waste.”

Mark, a Sales Manager from Manchester, reminisced on a hilarious wardrobe malfunction: “One worker who was wearing a cheap elf costume caught some of the material on a chair, causing a rip in the private area. Luckily his stripy tights saved the day, and his modesty!”

No-one wants to be laughed at, but it was too hard for Barbara, a Retail Banking Assistant from London to supress her giggles. She said an apprentice walked into a chair during his rendition of the Christmas song ‘Walking in the air’, causing everyone to start singing ‘We’re walking into chairs’.

Sam, an admin worker from Leeds, said that one employee got a colleagues’ gender completely wrong, mistaking their secret Santa for a lady, when it was meant for a man...awkward.

It’s always good to leave relations with clients on a high at Christmas time, but, Laura a PR Account Manager said that an important client that came into the office for a meeting ended up with the Christmas tree falling on top of them – thank god they laughed about it.

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Image courtesy of Flickr User - Betsy Weber


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