Which day in December do we all stop working as hard?

Which day in December do we all stop working as hard?

When the Christmas tree comes out of storage, the advent calendars start getting opened and there’s huge swathes of glittery tinsel covering every available surface – it can be a tad difficult to concentrate at work.

And, despite our best intentions, sometimes we switch off. A recent report from employee engagement platform Peakon discovered the exact date on which productivity starts to slump. Peakon assessed the workplace engagement levels of 3,000 British employees, to determine the day in 2016 when the majority of people are likely to ‘click off’ for Christmas.

Friday 16 December will see over half of people working in Britain (54%) start winding down for Christmas. What’s even more worrying, is that 12% of British workforce admit that they will ‘click off’ before December even begins.

Younger people are likely to ‘click off’ earlier, with the majority of Millennials saying they will wind down from 15th, whereas more than 50% of over 55s, by contrast, will wait until 20th before they ‘click off.

Dan Rogers, Co-Founder of Peakon, commented on the results, saying: “We’ve identified nine cumulative, festive factors which cause British employees to ‘click off’ en masse ahead of Christmas.

“In isolation, these factors would ordinarily have a negligible impact on productivity, however, the combined effect definitely takes its toll on weary employees thinking wistfully ahead to their Christmas turkey.”

“The factors themselves fall into three categories: Distraction, Health, and Demotivation.”

The factors are; staff ordering presents online, searching for new jobs, disengaged office morale, increased alcohol consumption, over indulgence in sugar, increase in illness, bad weather causing delays, perpetual darkness outside and the dreaded commencement of the annual review. 

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