Stormtrooper fails miserably in novel recruitment drive

Stormtrooper fails miserably in novel recruitment drive

His questionable Leader Darth Vader applied for, and spectacularly failed a job interview for the Fort Worth force back in 2015.

And, now, with the much-anticipated release of the new Star Wars film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story merely weeks away, a Stormtrooper has instead decided to try his luck at working for The Fort Worth Police Department.

In what is fast becoming a tradition with the Texan police department, another recruitment video, this time featuring the Stormtrooper and a police officer at target practice, has already received more than 41,500 hits on YouTube.

The Stromtrooper is unsurprisingly a horrifically bad shot. And just like his evil mentor, fails to find a place on The Fort Worth Police Department team. However, it is hoped that the video itself will encourage applicants of a nicer nature to apply for the police officer roles available.

Stormtroopers applying for police officer roles may seem farfetched, but it is an innovative reminder to recruiters, that while a candidate may appear to have all the skills required for a position, it is the recruiter’s job to ensure that not only are the skills up to scratch, but that the candidate is the correct cultural fit for the organisation too.  

Here’s a frightful reminder of Vader’s dismal job interview for the force too

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