Facebook's VP People reveals how she manages Millennials & performance reviews

Facebook's VP People reveals how she manages Millennials & performance reviews

Facebook was the first Fortune 500 company to be founded and run by a Millennial – so it is only right that Millennials flock to it.

Speaking to Fortune at their Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit, Facebook’s VP People, Lori Goler, reflected on the lessons she has learned so far during her eight-year tenure.

She discussed how she manages both Millennials, the next generation, and performance reviews.

“To them,” she said, “the world is personalised. So they’re coming to the workforce and they’re expecting personalisation.”

They are expecting work to cater to them: “One size fits one,” Goler called it.

So at Facebook they’re eschewing the traditional workplace paths and training managers to figure out how each employees skills can be tailored towards a unique path.

She also explained how she learned the value of performance reviews. When she joined, Facebook’s workforce was only 500 people strong, but many felt they didn’t know how they were performing.

She said that some members of staff told her before a review: “I feel everyday like I could get fired. I never get any feedback.”

Now, she continued, the focus is not on “poor performers” but on understanding their skill set and ensuring they are working on what they want to. 


Image courtesy of Kevin Moloney/Fortune Brainstorm Tech. 

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