Part 4: How can you ensure buy in from key stakeholders?

Part 4: How can you ensure buy in from key stakeholders?
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Article Written by David Grundy - CEO & co-founder of Invenias

Part 4: How can you ensure buy in from key stakeholders?

Executive talent acquisition is the highly specialist sourcing of candidates for executive, senior or other highly specialist positions in organisations. These tend to be positions which historically are more difficult to fill, requiring significant time and devoted attention as the person appointed will have a profound impact on the organisation.

In-house executive talent acquisition goes further than just identifying the best talent, it involves an in-depth assessment of internal candidates and a benchmarking exercise externally. It is about the capturing of insight and industry knowledge and using this to build a comprehensive picture of the best talent available both internally, in competitive organisations and across different industries. 

Part four of this five part insight series will focus on how an in-house executive talent team can ensure the buy in and investment of key stakeholders throughout the hiring process. 

Key stakeholders within your organisation may have invested significant time in developing trust in external executive search firms and may therefore be reluctant to move away from these long term relationships. As an in-house talent team looking to expand and develop your in-house capabilities, what can you do to encourage the buy in of those in charge? Of course the quality of hires delivered will have a key role in championing in-house executive talent acquisition, and furthermore, investment in better tools and technology will help foster a more collaborative, transparent and engaged search process with busy hiring managers. Software that allows agile reporting and performance metrics that can be shared quickly and easily with senior management will further strengthen the case for in-house teams. This transparency should lead to a more streamlined process, understanding of your team’s capabilities and performance and ultimately a stronger and more successful search outcome. If you can demonstrate the value of a partnership between executive search firms and your in-house function, the buy-in of key stakeholders will naturally follow.

Building an in-house executive talent team

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