Interviewer breastfeeds baby during interview & divides the internet

Interviewer breastfeeds baby during interview & divides the internet

An interviewer who breast-fed her newborn baby whilst conducting a job interview was apparently “shocked” when a male colleague claimed it was “a bit weird” – The Daily Mail reports. 

A mother, and company Co-Owner, posted a thread on social site Mumsnet detailing the event. She explained how she had left work on maternity leave, but had agreed to sit in on an interview. 

She claims that she had no choice but to breastfeed her child after the interview ran over time. The account has split public opinion, with some users agreeing with the mother and others labelling it unprofessional.

The mother explained how she had originally left time to feed her child, but that the interview ran longer than expected and the candidate arrived earlier than planned.

The Mumsnet user wrote online: “I told my business partner that I would probably have to breastfeed my son. He said ‘try not to, it's not very professional’.”

She then explained how, once the jobseeker had left, her business partner said: “It was a bit weird for her to do that."

He then asked: “Can you try not getting your boobs out for the next interview?”

One commenter on the thread said: “Totally weird to me to bring a baby to a job interview. So distracting and unprofessional.”

Another wrote: “You are being unreasonable, it is very unprofessional. Not to mention bringing your baby in the first place to an interview.”

Another shocked user, named FitnessFad, said: “Of course you were unreasonable. This was not the time or the place and very unprofessional. You could have stepped out of the room to do it, it sounds like you were trying to make a point?”

However, some people seemed to think this was a sexist and discriminatory way of looking at things – and sympathised with the interviewer. One user wrote: “You are not being unreasonable. Poor you, that's horrible and breastfeeding is hard enough without comments like that.”

Another wrote: “I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I think we need to check our attitudes towards things like this. The lady didn’t seem distracted and you could focus knowing baby was happy. Good for you!”

What is your stance on this issue? Should the interviewer have stepped outside? Or is this acceptable? Tell us in the comments…

Comments (13)

  • Sir
    Sir@ Bill
    Thu, 15 Dec 2016 7:21am GMT
    Bill, how dare you be so dismissive about my debilitating disability. I have struggled for years to overcome such hurtful attitudes, especially in the workplace.
  • Bill
    Bill@ Roz
    Wed, 14 Dec 2016 2:27pm GMT
    Reading the article really helps with this bit Roz. The candidate arrived earlier than expected (so the mother couldn't feed beforehand) and the interview lasted longer. Therefore the baby got hungry and needed feeding.
  • Bill
    Bill@ Sir
    Wed, 14 Dec 2016 2:25pm GMT
    I guess the difference is that as an adult you have (or should have) a degree of control over your bladder and be able to plan when you use the bathroom. A child needs feeding when it needs feeding.
  • Sir
    Wed, 7 Dec 2016 4:04pm GMT
    OK, to all those who think this is ok - please attend for interview next Tuesday at 10:30am in toilet cubicle No.3 - I'll be having a wee (another perfectly natural human bodily function) at the time but assume you won't mind. Yours Sincerely Sir.
    Do you understand now ?
  • So
    Mon, 28 Nov 2016 8:59am GMT
    She was ON MATERNITY LEAVE when the interview took place, so she w

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