The Mannequin Challenge: What it is & why should HR care?

The Mannequin Challenge: What it is & why should HR care?

The latest craze to sweep the internet is the ‘Mannequin Challenge’, which consists of a video recording of people striking a pose and remaining completely still, like mannequins.

Celebrities including Hillary Clinton, Destiny’s Child, and professional sports teams have got involved in the viral movement, which began with some high school students in Florida, USA. 

The clips are characterised by the hashtag '#Mannequinchallenge', and accompanied by Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles featuring Gucci Mane.

Workplaces are also getting involved, with BBC Newsroom having a static moment, featuring Children in Need's Pudsey, with other work and sports teams in countries as far as Egypt, India, Nepal, and Nigeria also taking part.

Although the craze has no link to charity or any form of promotion, it’s still injecting fun and something to talk about amongst the workforce. 

Gary Bothe, Director of HR at Bayer UK & Ireland, had previously spoken to us about an initiative at the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals company, and the benefits it brings. 

"Creating a relaxed atmosphere – be it in busy or quieter times of year – is essential for a fully functioning, productive workforce," he said. 

"[The benefits of things such as this], as well as improved productivity, [is that] staff [are] introduced to other parts of the business and new colleagues that they weren’t previously engaged with. The simple fact is: in large organisations, many people never interact with parts of the business they don’t directly work with. However, this often means business opportunities are missed, purely because people don’t realise they exist." 

Below, we’ve collated some of the best videos of stationary employees that have been uploaded. 

BBC Newsroom


Portugal National Team


The Cleveland Cavaliers with Michelle Obama during their White House visit


Hillary and Bill Clinton


Unknown female water polo team

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