Are recruiters guilty of using buzzwords too?

Are recruiters guilty of using buzzwords too?

Candidates are oft-warned that using buzzwords is a sure-fire way to land their CV in the ‘rejected’ pile.

Earlier this year, Lee Biggins, Founder and Managing Director of CV-Library, and Darain Faraz, Head of Global Consumer Communications at LinkedIn, compiled a list of buzzwords for the Daily Mail.

They included words and phrases such as; perfectionist, multi-tasking, hard-working, team player who works well individually, enthusiastic and passionate, creative, track record, extensive experience, references available upon request, and salary negotiable.

But are recruiters guilty of this too?

Recruitment technology specialist Textkernel analysed the online job postings up and until August. The buzzwords that were listed as no-goes for candidates were found by Jobfeed, their Big Data tool for jobs. Over six million jobs were analysed, with the results showing that recruiters aren’t using meaningless buzzwords.

Their findings, compiled for Recruitment Grapevine, can be found below. Variants of each word were used to get to the final figure. For example, for perfectionist both that word and ‘perfectionism’ were used.  

Perfectionist - 1,301 jobs

Multi-tasking - 121,959 jobs found

Hard-working - 272,352 jobs found

Team player who works well individually

“Team player who works well individually” – 11 jobs found

“Team player” and “individual*” - 87,653 jobs found

"Team player" or "team-player" - 319,269 jobs found

"Part of a team", or "team player", or "team-player" and Individually - 16,594 jobs found 

Enthusiastic and passionate

“Enthusiastic and passionate” - 8,427 jobs found

"Enthusiastic and passionate", or "Passionate and enthusiastic" - 13,431 jobs found

“Passionate” or “passion” - 883,395 jobs found

“Enthusiastic” or “enthusiasm” - 667,575 jobs found

Track record or reliable

"Track record*" or "track-record*" - 425,042 jobs found

“Proven track record” or “proven track-record” - 236,465 jobs found

“Reliable” - 221,367 jobs found

“Extensive experience” - 77,357 jobs found

*Means anything behind that word. For example, multi-task* means multitask OR multi-tasking

"Over 25% of the UK job ads analysed contain one or more of these buzzwords like 'passionate', 'enthusiastic', and 'track record'”, says Kim Pieschel, Head of Marketing at Textkernel, to Recruitment Grapevine. "If recruiters are using these terms in their ads, they could in return expect jobseekers to include them in their applications.”

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