Will this anti-Trump recruitment stunt now backfire?

Will this anti-Trump recruitment stunt now backfire?

The Canadian immigration website has crashed in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump's election as America's new president.

As American citizens look to leave the US before the Trump pandemic begins, one agency in Sweden might be the golden ticket out for unhappy voters.

Swedish agency Round & Round says it will hire disgruntled Americans if Trump wins the election, The Drum reports.

The agency created “The Great Trump Escape” to attract Americans in the creative industry, stating their reason for this on the site:

“As a Stockholm based agency with international clients, we are currently looking for native English speaking creatives. So we thought, ‘hey, why not give some of those American advertising people a break?’ You are, after all, pretty talented.

“There’s a lot of great work coming out of America! That’s why we put up this website. Just submit a link to your portfolio, and we’ll only receive it in case Donald Trump is elected president of the United States in November. And hopefully we can make the process easier for some of you to find a job overseas and leave the US in case that happens.”

The campaign also advocates why their country offers a great escape, touting the long maternity leave, the five weeks of vacation and a decent healthcare system, amongst other perks.

Round & Round Copywriter, Erik Strom,wrote: "The US election is a big topic even for us, and there hasn't been a day for the last couple of weeks when we haven't been discussing Trump and Hillary in our office. So we decided to use our interest in the subject in some way, and this is what we decided to do.”

However, the jovial dig towards America at the end of the post: “But, honestly, we really hope it won’t come down to all that. Get your shit together, America,” indicates that maybe the great escape is too good to be true. 

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