Five minutes with: Eileen Gregory, Head of International People at AdRoll

Five minutes with: Eileen Gregory, Head of International People at AdRoll

Eileen Gregory, Head of International People at AdRoll, tells us why other HR departments should implement Bring In Your Parents Day. 

What are the HR lessons you have learnt throughout your career?

As the employee profile has evolved, the most important factors for me are employee engagement and career development. LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase how our ‘rollers’ (employees) have engaged with AdRoll’s values and cultural and social responsibility initiatives such as AdRoll Gives Back, Pulse Employee Engagement, and OneRoll - our diversity and inclusion programme. 

Another of our values is to hire great people and help them grow - a commitment we are actively honoring to our rollers by investing in their personal and professional development, wellbeing, and opportunities for growth.

Why should other HR departments implement a Bring In Your Parents Day? What are the benefits of this?

For an ad tech company like us, where many of the roles did not exist a generation ago, it’s a great opportunity to shine a light on what it is we do, and share that with the friends and families of our rollers. It’s also an opportunity to experience the unique culture we have here at AdRoll and something we pride ourselves on. In that respect, I would encourage any company who can facilitate this to get involved.

In this vein, how can HR adapt to the challenges that an ageing workforce poses?

The challenge for us as a company is creating a work environment and culture in which Rollers from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and age profiles can come together, grow, and develop, both individually and collectively. We do that by fostering a people-first environment, encouraging and celebrating diversity, and having a wide and varied training programme to facilitate learning and development. 

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