Workplace Pensions: 5 key areas to review if you've already staged

For many, fulfilling your auto-enrolment duties was about getting ready for your staging date and complying with the new legislation. Now you have reached your re-enrolment date the market and suppliers working within it have had time to adapt to the requirements of auto-enrolment delivery.

For some this has proved to be a smooth transition, whilst others have not lived up to their promises, resulting in a far more onerous task than auto-enrolment should have been. Now presents the ideal time to take stock of your scheme and how it compares to your early expectations. Do your earlier scheme decisions remain the best choices and the right fit for your business when compared with the options available now?

This guide addresses 5 key areas that you may wish to consider when assessing your scheme to make sure you're getting auto-enrolment right.

1. Are you sure it’s ‘all working fine’?

2. Is your data really 100% accurate?

3. What made you choose your pension scheme?

4. How much resource is auto-enrolment taking?

5. What’s the true cost to your business?

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