Karlheinz Blessing, Volkswagen's Head of HR: Electric cars could mean

Karlheinz Blessing, Volkswagen's Head of HR: Electric cars could mean "5-digit" job cuts

The upcoming shift to electric cars which, according to a Kia study titled ‘Centre for Future Studies,’ could see the company make a quarter of all the world’s vehicles by 2041 – and a third of all new cars sold – may result in five-digit job cuts at Volkswagen (VW),  newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports.

Karlheinz Blessing, Volkswagen’s Head of HR & Organisation, told the newspaper in an interview this weekend: “It's not about dismantling a few hundred jobs.

“Over the years, it will amount to a five-digit figure around the world."

Following last year’s emissions scandal, the firm’s strategy has now shifted towards clean-energy electric cars. But this comes at a price – electric cars have fewer components, which means fewer workers needed on the production line.

Blessing added that there will be no forced dismissals, before saying: "If 30% of the value creation will be in the battery system in future, it is right to consider whether we will step in and to what extent. We cannot leave that to others.

"How deeply we will engage is a matter we will discuss as part of the future pact."  

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