HR drones used to recruit laid-off developers

HR drones used to recruit laid-off developers

The world of recruitment is changing at a rapid pace, with the evolution of technology and increased digitisation meaning that companies are being forced to invent yet more creative ways of attracting top talent.

One of the more inventive is the use of drones. In Brno, Czech Republic, aka the Silicon Valley of Europe, one firm has adopted the use of aircrafts to lure in prospective candidates., an online travel agency, had adopted the mantra that the best way for any business to stand out is to “do something really stupid.” 

The company has taken to the skies with a fleet of HR drones to attract the attention of recently laid off developers.

Kateřina Gábová, Head of HR at, comments: “Recruiting the best in the industry is always a challenge, as smart people need to work somewhere that challenges and inspires them.

“We wanted to dramatically show that at we foster an environment in which clever people will thrive, and that we are looking for the brightest new talent in technology.” 

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