How to turn employees into brand ambassadors

How to turn employees into brand ambassadors

The concept of employee advocacy has become something of a buzz term in HR of late, with numerous companies looking to make better use of their biggest assets: their workforce.

Essentially, employee advocacy is about getting staff to promote their organisations. And now, with the growth in technology, there are many ways companies are making the very most of their marketing assets – their people.

This is where apps come into play. Smarp allows organisations to send their communications directly to employees’ smartphones, so staff are kept up-to-date on the latest company news and developments, irrespective of whether they’re office-based or on the move.

As well as enabling businesses to send employees information, Smarp also lets staff share company news with their own social media networks. To encourage them to do this, the app has a gamification element that rewards a company’s most active users.

Talking to Next Web, Smarp’s Co-Founder and COO Mikael Lauharanta says: “In 2011 when we founded Smarp, not a lot of companies were looking at social media from the employee’s standpoint and what’s in it for the individuals for being more active.

“We were working on our first product – which was an online training service for employees – with our first public company client, when we realised their employees had 26 times more connections on LinkedIn than they had followers for their company profile.

“Getting those employees involved in the communications would create a huge win-win situation between the employees and the employer, so we started working on the Smarp app that we have today.

"We’re transforming the way companies communicate internally and externally, and giving more power and freedom to the employees. It’s been great to see how companies have slowly shifted from blocking social media to embracing it, and thinking of ways on how they can involve their employees in their communications strategies and improve employee engagement."

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