Tips to keep staff motivated over the upcoming Christmas period

Tips to keep staff motivated over the upcoming Christmas period

31% of Londoner’s feel least motivated at Christmas, over any other time of year.

The supposedly 'most wonderful time of the year', sees engagement, interest, and enthusiasm plummet across both full- and part-time employees - research from Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, conducted by OnePoll, found.

It appears that advent calendars aren’t enough to keep employee morale up, as Christmas took the top spot at draining motivation, compared with New Year’s Eve and other events.

Rather than giving in and bringing out the mulled wine too early, Sodexo found that one way to keep staff engagement up was through incentives.

Speaking to HR Grapevine, Iain Thomson, Director of Incentive and Recognition at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, gave us some advice about keeping employees engaged over Christmas: “Businesses looking to offer short-term rewards during the festive season should consider options such as early finishes or, if appropriate to the business, closed offices between Christmas and New Year. This will give employees time to finish their shopping, see family, and enjoy the festivities without the worry of work pressures. 

“Where this isn’t possible, simple gestures such as having a relaxed dress code in the run up to Christmas can boost staff morale and show that the employer is thinking of staff at this time.”

He adds: “This research has revealed the extent to which workers in the capital are affected by the festive season and the challenges that managers across all business types are facing. Businesses can sometimes shy away from group rewarding, nervous that they will offend or exclude particular demographics or individuals.

“Particularly in London, there is a huge variety of different nationalities, cultures, and religions that must be considered when looking to combat these challenges. By implementing effective and personalised short-term rewards, it becomes easier to navigate the personal needs and wants of every member of staff.”

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