PepsiCo CEO: Diversity is a 'business imperative'

PepsiCo CEO: Diversity is a 'business imperative'

Many companies talk about the importance of diversity in the workplace, but PepsiCo goes one step further and calls it a “business imperative” - according to CNBC.

Indra Noovi – the CEO of the American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation – specifically highlights how businesses should hire more women and people of ethnic minorities.

And it’s not just lip service. The company has performance objectives in place over the next ten years to make this a reality. As it stands, 27% of its senior executives are female, and 36% from an ethnic minority.

Noovi, an Indian female, says that hiring a diverse workforce should be any company’s priority, regardless of its leader’s gender: "Whether you are a male CEO or a female CEO, it is a business imperative. Because if you look at graduating seniors from colleges, more than 50% are women. More than 50%!

"And if you look at the best grades, they are being [gained] by women. So, if you really want companies to be successful, we have got to draw from the entire pool, not just try to say: 'Hey, we are going to exclude a portion of the population'."

Noovi believes that many companies still do not have sufficient policies in place to enable women to progress to executive positions. An example of this is in the US, the only developed country in the world that still doesn’t guarantee paid maternity leave.   

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