Boss caught forcing female staff to kiss him every morning

Boss caught forcing female staff to kiss him every morning


A male boss at a Beijing-based company has been caught enforcing a workplace rule where female employees have to kiss him on the lips every morning before the start of work – China Press reports.

He claims that kissing creates a positive working environment between line manager and staff. He says he got the idea from a US firm, and it “foster[s] good relationships among colleagues,” letting them get along “like fish and water.”

He also boasted that those who can’t attend work message him on WeChat saying that they miss him.

China Press asserts that workers are reluctant to do this but are scared they will lose their job if they refuse.

However, Chinese news company Sohu reports, many now agree with the practice. Shanghaiist adds that two members of staff have refused and since resigned.

The reaction on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, was mixed.

One user wrote: “How can these female workers accept this? Do their boyfriends or husbands know?”

Another said: “I want to ask these female workers: ‘Do you have no money? Would you starve if you changed jobs?’”

“The boss is a perv,” a contributor added, “but the workers are foolish.”

Earlier in the year Julie Taylor, Senior Associate at Gardner Leader solicitors, gave her legal advice to Executive Grapevine in reaction to similar news on sexual harassment in the workplace.

"Workers in the UK are protected under the Equality Act from discrimination and harassment in the workplace on the basis of nine protected characteristics, which includes a person’s gender," she advises. "This protection applies immediately and even during the recruitment process.

"Sexual harassment occurs where an employee is subjected to a course of unwanted conduct of a sexual nature which either violates the employee’s dignity, or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them. This could be inappropriate sexual jokes or unwelcome advances.

"Most employers will usually have a policy in place setting out how employees can raise concerns if they are subjected to such treatment and disciplinary action would usually be expected for the culprits, which could result in dismissal.

"If the employer fails to take reasonable steps to prevent harassment or to stop inappropriate behaviour, this can escalate a claim and harassment is a claim employees can present to the employment tribunal within three months of the incident or the last in a series of incidents. If successful, the employee would be entitled to compensation to recognise their financial losses and also to compensate them for any distress suffered.”

She added that there is no upper cap on compensation. 

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Comments (2)

  • Locker Room Kisses
    Locker Room Kisses
    Thu, 13 Oct 2016 1:30pm BST
    I bet the US firm that this manager got the idea from was Trump International. Because you know, it's just locker room kisses so its ok.
  • John
    Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:28pm BST
    Frankly, hard to believe this goes on in the 21st Century, but, speaking as a man, some men are complete idiots. I see outdated advertising, using women's bodies, on LinkedIN every day, with men making what they might regard as 'nice' comments, totally oblivious that they are being misogynistic and sexist (things they wouldn't be happy for their partners to see I'm sure). Unbelievable.

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