KPMG appoints new Head of People UK

KPMG appoints new Head of People UK

KPMG has appointed a new UK Head of People. 

Ann Brown joins from Nationwide Building Society where she held the role of Divisional Director, HR.

Simon Collins, UK Chairman of KPMG, comments: “The workplace has changed enormously in recent years and employers must now think carefully about how to adapt to the differing needs of a multi-generational workforce and how technology has changed the way we work.  As a professional services firm, we are continuously adapting our client offerings to suit their changing needs and to help them stay ahead of market changes.

“This therefore changes the requirements of our own people, such as ensuring learning and development programmes give them the knowledge and skills they need to do the job.  At the same time, it is both commercially and socially vital that we continue to attract an ever-increasingly diverse workforce.  Ann will play an important role in helping us adapt and evolve the way we work with our people to meet these challenges.”

Ann Brown, UK Head of People at KPMG, adds: “This role is an amazing opportunity for me to contribute to the future of this fantastic brand, which relies upon the quality of its people.  I have worked with employees and young people looking to enter the world of work for over thirty years and I don’t think there has ever been a more exciting time to be a human resources professional. Technology and millennials, in particular, are completely transforming how we operate at work. This presents a challenge as well as an opportunity to employers of all shapes and sizes and is certainly both for an established large business such as KPMG.  At the same time, the core principles at the heart of good professional services – relationships, values, professionalism – have not changed.  The companies that will succeed in the future are those which are able to harness technology and the changing market dynamics, without losing sight of their DNA. 

“I believe passionately that the workplace must reflect the society within which it operates.  If it doesn’t, this is a missed opportunity to work with clients in a way that reflects their own ways of working and their own employee mix, as well as the creative possibilities of more diverse thinking.  KPMG has been making positive moves in this direction and it is my ambition to help drive this forward.”

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