JP Morgan reveals why your 'shortcomings' are an asset

JP Morgan reveals why your 'shortcomings' are an asset

Global banking giant JP Morgan has proved that you don’t have to fit a certain mould in order to dominate the financial world.

A recent video blog documenting the trials and tribulations of the bank’s most recent flurry of interns celebrates diversity in all its forms. The series of inspirational videos are narrated from the perspective of the intern, telling the story of how their supposed “shortcomings” actually helped them achieve their goals.

One video comes from an intern called Poppy, who explains how as a shorter person she has had to find her niche in the sporting world. Characteristics such as a “proud booming voice” and a smaller stature meant that she made the ideal coxswain, a role which helped her realise the necessity of hard work, team work and trust - both in the open waters and in the world of finance.

The importance of transferrable skills for graduates is an issue which is often overlooked in the recruitment process. Whilst businesses can measure academic ability and experience repeatedly, it’s actually a transferrable skillset that’s valued in the real world.

We spoke to Andrew Wood, who leads the sales department at Pareto Law, and called on his expertise in the matter.

“With a fresh wave of graduates entering the job market, employers must remember not to focus wholly on finding specific skill sets,” he told us.

“By placing candidates in a wide range of situations, it is far easier to determine the range and depth of their soft skills. However, when it comes to employable transferrable skills I think the best candidates have exposed themselves to a variety of experiences - further developing their skills. They have gained work experience, volunteered, hosted charity events or started their own business.”

JP Morgan’s “Intern Stories” are important for a myriad of reasons – not only do they showcase how diversity is something to be cherished in business, but they also go a long way in breaking down that outdated image we all have of the “stereotypical banker.”

To paraphrase Dr Seuss, a success is a success no matter how small.

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