Air France staff to face trial for violence against HR VP

Air France staff to face trial for violence against HR VP

A group of employees from Air France, both former and current, will now face a jury following an incident last year where the several executives from the company were assaulted.

Air France’s Executive VP HR, Xavier Broseta, and Director of Long-Haul Flights, Pierre Plissonnier, were cornered at the firm’s headquarters, near Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, when several hundred workers besieged the building.

Plissonnier escaped, though his shirt and jacket was torn off him. Broseta fled semi-clothed after his shirt and jacket were also ripped off him. Security guards assisted both in escaping.

The attack came after the executives announced the possibility that 3,000 jobs would be cut and pilots working hours would be extended.  

Five of the 15 employees have been charged with organised violence, according to Travel Mole, which can carry a sentence of three years. Protesters have since gathered in France to demand that the charges be dropped.

The original video can be seen below. 

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