40% of UK workers think their boss is overpaid

40% of UK workers think their boss is overpaid

44% of British workers think they could do their boss’ job better than them, with 40% believing they are overpaid.

Despite this, ten per cent admit to flirting with their superior and even bring them sweets and chocolate (12%) - a survey by Printerland.co.uk has revealed.

A healthy 64% rated their boss’ approachability as either good or excellent, but only 27% were happy with their boss’ communication skills.

Just under half of those surveyed are satisfied with the way that their boss resolves office conflicts.

The survey also discovered that almost a third of female workers felt that they couldn’t do their boss’ job, compared to 17% of male respondents.

As reported in Metro.co.uk, Catherine Bannan, HR Manager at Printerland.co.uk, comments on the findings: “When asked if they could do their boss’ job well, far more men said yes than women, suggesting that a number of female employees still don’t have the confidence they should have when working in managerial roles.”

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