Employees told they will be fired if they buy iPhone 7

Employees told they will be fired if they buy iPhone 7

Staff at a firm in Henan, China, have been warned against buying the newest iPhone; if they do so, then they may be fired.

According to a report in the International Business Times, the unnamed company has asked employees to refrain from buying extravagant foreign goods, and instead use their wages to support their families and their local economy.

The internal memo has reportedly gone viral on Chinese social media after a photo of it was leaked by an employee.

The memo reads: “According to our Managing Director's orders, all our employees are strictly forbidden to purchase and to use iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Anyone found disobeying this order must immediately resign from the company.

“Beloved colleagues, if our finances are healthy and our economic conditions allow it, please let us take better care of our parents' health, be more concerned about our children's upbringing, be more aware of how precious life is, more involved in our country's welfare.

“Only if we do this, can we ensure long-term prosperity and happiness. Do not waste your effort on those luxuries that will only squeeze our hard earned money dry.

“We cannot go to the battlefield to protect our country, but we will work hard in our own capacity and in our designated positions. In our daily lives, we must boycott products from Japan and the US.

“Use your actions to support our own goods, as only if you have a nation, can you have a home.”

The memo also references the cost of the iPhone as between ¥5,388 to ¥6,388 (£624 to £740).

Comments (3)

  • John
    Wed, 28 Sep 2016 3:20pm BST
    Speaking from China I can tell you the balance of probabilities is that said MD enjoys a standard of living luxurious beyond the dreams of avarice. The wealth of the successful Chinese is staggering and they know how to spend it.
  • asdf
    Tue, 27 Sep 2016 9:15pm BST
    Boris, you missed the China part. When you live in a communist dictatorship, you have no personal property and the State can do with you as you wish. Feel the Bern!
  • Boris
    Tue, 27 Sep 2016 12:55pm BST
    Seriously? How are they going to get away with this one. Once an employee is paid surely it's up to them how they spend their money? If my employer told me what i should or shouldn't buy i wouldn't stay. While i do agree with promoting local companies and products the reality is that much of what people purchase isn't from their country of origin. If it were it'd likely end up prohibitively expensive and not necessarily of the same quality, so is this employer going to put their money were their mouth is and give their employees enough money to actually shop locally?

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