The 'formidable resource' that you're missing out on…

The 'formidable resource' that you're missing out on…

Everyone involved in the recruitment process is missing out on a valuable resource that is right in front of them.

Writing for the Chartered Management Institute, Cilla Snowball, Group Chairwoman and Group CEO of advertising and communications group AMV BBDO, said working mums are a “formidable resource.”

She continued: “Returning mums are a formidable resource; organised, decisive, grounded.”

“In our own company we have hired and promoted pregnant and returning mums to top jobs and we will continue to do so to hang on to the best talent.

“The recent Working Forward report highlights the need for businesses and parents to align even more closely on family-friendly policies and behaviours.

“As business leaders, we can't allow ourselves to get complacent because today's data clearly shows there is tons more to do. Some 84% [of] employers say they are firm supporters of female staff during and after pregnancy, but 77% of working mothers say they have received negative or possible discriminatory experiences at work.

“We have to fix this disconnect fast and remove discrimination because it is unlawful and unacceptable. We have to find modern solutions; outdated attitudes and unhelpful structures must not hold us back.

“After all, we all have a mum who would be proud of us for doing so, a country and an economy that needs us to, and a conscience that insists we do.”

Her thoughts chime with developments this year that tried to return more parents back into the workforce part-time and full-time.

Emily Christensen, Director of international recruitment firm H30, created a Facebook page, DubaiPartTime, which promotes roles aimed at stay-at-home ex-pats who still want to work in the United Emirates.

She told The National earlier this year: “It is not a practical business model but as I also saw jobs being posted on various forums, such as British Mums Dubai on Facebook, and also requests for work, I felt it deserved its own page.”

Sarah Atherton went one step further and set up a recruitment agency for parents.

She said: “I want to encourage UK businesses to be more supportive to the ever growing demographic of working parents that want to maintain their career, but not at the cost of their families.

“The big difference between me and the current recruitment market is that I am offering a personal service. I have gone through it and am going through it myself.” 

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