Jimmy Fallon conducts 2nd mock 'job interview' with Hillary Clinton

Jimmy Fallon conducts 2nd mock 'job interview' with Hillary Clinton

Following the mock job interview of the Republican Party's nominee for US President, Donald Trump, by chat show host Jimmy Fallon, the TV personality has now conducted a similar interview with Trump’s political rival Hillary Clinton.

And whilst the interview was somewhat funny, Fallon has been accused by many viewers of “soft balling” the presidential hopefuls, staying away from hard-hitting questions and relying too much on humour, according to NY Daily News.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host asked Clinton simple questions about why she wanted to be President, and then proceeded to mock Trump for the remainder of the segment.

Given that this occurred on a chat show, ‘chit chat’ is expected. However, if this was real life then the small talk that accompanies the start of any interview will affect the final hiring decision – a recent report in the Harvard Business Review found.  

The report, authored by Brian Swider, Brad Harris and Murray Barrick, examined the typical structured interview – which offers the best accuracy during the hiring process and hypothesised the effect small talk has on the interview.

“Interviewers and candidates almost always insist on warming up with quick chit chat (sometimes before they even sit down or reach their designated interview space),” they wrote, “which begs several important questions: Does the brief, free-flowing nature of rapport building undermine the structured interview? Or is it possible that useful, job-relevant information is conveyed during small talk that actually enhances the validity of the interview?”

One of the takeaways from the study was that candidates need to be switched on during all parts of the interview - even the chit chat - as recruiters will likely use this part to assess the applicant as well as the formal section.

Fallon also read out some letters to Clinton written by children who wanted to offer her advice on how to win the election – with suggestions ranging from posting less on Instagram and cutting her hair.

In that vein, Executive Grapevine recently reported on how ‘Instagram inspiration’ was ruining a candidate’s chances.

Professional image consultant Avril Laurie says the trend for young women to wear thick make-up was as detrimental as a man turning up for a job interview with a wild, long beard – The Herald Sun reports.

“The first thing employers ask when they see a girl with heavy make-up is ‘What is she hiding?’,” Laurie says.

“I know girls see make-up as their unique form of self-expression but it’s actually having the opposite effect.” 

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