PwC's Head of People: How 'lazy' recruiters are letting down women

PwC's Head of People: How 'lazy' recruiters are letting down women

With a female Prime Minister and renewed focus on closing the gender pay gap, the UK business world once again seems to be taking the issue of gender equality seriously.

However, the Head of People at Big Four juggernaut PwC believes that when it comes to recruitment women are being let down.

According to Laura Hinton, the fact that recruiters are still discriminating against women who have had a career gap, or are re-entering the workforce after children, is shocking – City AM reports.

“There’s something around almost – this is maybe not the right word to use – lazy recruitment, looking for people who are more obvious and easily available, rather than thinking more creatively and thinking how do we demonstrate these skills [learnt while on a career break],” said Hinton.

“There’s an element of [thinking] there is a ready-made pool of candidates which makes life quite easy. But actually it happens to be male-dominated so, if we want more balance, we have to try harder.”

Hinton knows from conversations she has had with women at PwC that gaps in their résumé is a common reason for women shying away from job-hunting. While some of it is down to self-confidence, it was also a message they were regularly being spun by recruiters.

“It’s important to remember that while women are out of the workplace, whether it be for two years or six years, they are accumulating skills,” said Hinton.

“They are all really good life skills; organisation skills; project management skills. If we put it into corporate language, coming back into workplace, that’s all very relevant, and I think women were undervaluing the skills they had been generating.”

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