Tech start-up owner blasted after saying maternity leave makes women 'a risk'

Tech start-up owner blasted after saying maternity leave makes women 'a risk'

The owner of a tech firm has the internet scrambling to uncover his identity after he posted in a Reddit thread asking about the legalities of hiring strippers for his staff – while also admitting he doesn’t hire women.

On the legal advice sub-reddit, user fjfilin, who describes himself as the Founder of a technology company, posted a thread about whether or not there could be any legal ramifications for throwing a “stripper party” for his employees as a reward for hitting targets – The Mary Sue reports.

Revealing he is from San Jose in the USA, fjfilin asks about any “zoning laws” or similar which could make the party illegal.

One surprised Reddit user then asks what the women in his office think of the planned party, to which he replied: “As of now we have 16 people, excluding myself.  

“Officially: I hire the best candidate for the job. Unofficially: unfortunately California is one of the only states that requires paid maternity leave for female employees, making female employees quite a risk for smaller businesses.”

The reply drew ire from many Reddit users, who posted screen shots of the conversation on Twitter – lampooning the man for his attitude to hiring women in the traditionally male dominated tech industry.

Several users have tried to identify the man, however it has not been revealed which company he founded or if, in fact, he is real.

However the post brings into question the number of women in the STEM industries, an issue mirrored in the UK where only 12.8% of the industry’s workers are female. 

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Comments (2)

  • E
    E@ Sir
    Sun, 4 Sep 2016 11:22am BST
    As a woman, I agree wholeheartedly with your statement. Doubling costs for a small start up is hard, but yes parents should be supported in the workplace.
  • Sir
    Fri, 2 Sep 2016 1:14pm BST
    When are we just going to grow up and be honest ? If an employer employs a woman who goes on maternity leave and then employs a replacement so that the job still gets done, the (labour) cost of getting that job done has just doubled (or thereabouts). Why is this the elephant in the room that nobody dare talk about ?
    Smaller employers may indeed find this problematic.
    The grown up version is "Yes, it's more expensive. Yes, it may be inconvenient. Yes, it may be difficult to accommodate the inevitable FWR that comes in on their return to work. But equally, and emphatically, YES we should accept these increased costs and inconveniences to support women/parents in the workplace.

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