Qantas posts £1.1bn profit, promises bonus bonanza for staff

Qantas posts £1.1bn profit, promises bonus bonanza for staff

Qantas Airlines has posted its best ever year, seeing profits rise to £1.1billion ($1.5billion) overall.

This is a 57% improvement, making it one of the biggest turnarounds in Australia’s business history. Two years ago, the airline reported a £2.1billion ($2.8billion) loss, according to Business Insider Australia.

The CEO of Qantas, Alan Joyce, commented on the news saying: “Qantas is stronger than ever, but we’re also determined to keep changing and adapting so that we can succeed no matter what environment we’re in.

“This is the best result in the [...] history of Qantas — and the best result in Australian aviation history, full stop.”

And the staff are also set to benefit, with 25,000 of them being made eligible for a one-off £2,266 ($3,000) bonus if they were included in the airline’s 18-month pay freeze.

“Our transformation program is paying dividends for our shareholders, our customers and our employees,” continued Joyce.

“Our people can be incredibly proud of what they’ve achieved. It’s thanks to their skill and commitment that we’re announcing a record profit today.”

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