Boss fines staff for not commenting on social media posts

Boss fines staff for not commenting on social media posts

Workers at an eastern Chinese travel firm have been fined for not commenting on their boss’ social media posts – Beijing Youth Daily (BYD) reports.

Over 200 members of staff each had to pay a fine of ¥50 (£5.70).

Employees were told to comment on CEO Zhang Ming’s Weibo account. Those who failed to do this were “punished accordingly”, their Marketing Manager told BYD.

The Marketing Manager went on to explain that the decision was made to improve the work ethic of the younger elements of the workforce.  

However, many at the company thought it was unfair. Others said they were fined for incidents such as not carrying a bag with the corporate logo on.

Zhang later replied in a blog post stating that people aren’t happy to be fined, but that the company relies on them to promote it and aid its growth.  

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Comments (1)

  • Boris
    Fri, 19 Aug 2016 12:59pm BST
    Sounds like the company is using the fines paid to aid its growth. This has to be the daftest thing i've read in ages, most companies would be happy that their workers aren't cyber stalking the upper management. Are they expected to post specific comments? Does the manager give them a multiple choice answer option? This guy needs to sort out his priorities.

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