Always be prepared! Kia launches scout-themed staff training

Always be prepared! Kia launches scout-themed staff training

Employee engagement and staff training are mandatory parts of any business - but that’s not to say they can’t be fun.

Car manufacturer Kia Motors recently launched another successful Masterclass, whereby staff are invited to test drive new products and learn more about company policy in an interactive and engaging way.

We spoke to Ian Goswell, Academy Manager at Kia, who explained how events such as Masterclasses not only increase staff productivity, but also cement company culture.

Why do Kia’s masterclass sessions work so well for staff?

Masterclass events focus on the practical application of knowledge rather than merely the transfer of knowledge through “classroom” sessions. A majority of time is spent with the product either driving or using the new technology. For Niro, our new crossover hybrid vehicle, in particular this was an important approach as the best way to understand new technology, such as hybrid powertrains, is to experience the benefits of this first hand.

This also provides dealer delegates with “stories” to pass on to customers when discussing features and benefits of our products. Knowledge transfer is very important however, and our Masterclass events are supported by highly engaging and informative eLearning modules that are a pre-requisite to Masterclass participation.

It is also very important to ensure that staff want to come back to the Masterclass again and this is achieved by ensuring that we treat dealer staff as we expect them to treat our customers. We therefore put a lot of effort into demonstrating our “Family-like Care” philosophy ensuring that our delegates have a good time.

Attention to detail includes everything from careful selection of food, venue and event staff. Having fun, without undermining serious learning objectives is a trademark of our events.

Was this year’s event a success? How has this been measured?

This year’s event was a huge success. This is measured numerically with a Net Promotor Score of 94.8 which is our joint highest ever for a Masterclass event and a Dealer participation rate of 94%.

Anecdotal feedback is also very important with a number of dealers reporting that they had taken orders for Niro purely on the basis of the Sales Executives knowledge and enthusiasm upon returning from Masterclass.

Masterclass events are an important factor in the launch of any new model and the early signs are that Niro will be yet another successful product for Kia.

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