Are video interviews the future?

Are video interviews the future?

Technology changes everything - and recruiting is no exception.

The hiring process has evolved massively over the past 50 years, and now it’s set to morph even more with the help of video interviewing.  

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal explained how more and more recruiters are looking to implement remote digitalised hiring, giving their clients a wider reach of candidates with the physical constraints of face-to-face interviews removed. However, applicants are less enthused about process.

One candidate, Amy Hall, was interviewed by the publication and she revealed that she had never been nervous about an interview before. However, the video made her camera-shy and awkward.

Recruiters at IBM and Cigna claim that they evaluate candidates based on how well they perform during the process based on their communicative abilities, whether the person answers all parts of the question, and whether they make eye contact.

According to Mary Wilson, a Hiring Manager at Cigna, Hall’s interview stood out because her responses seemed like they were addressed to an actual interviewer rather than a robot.

“Others tend to fidget or look away, but she looked directly into the camera and answered the questions thoughtfully and completely,” she commented.

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