TomTom's SVP HR: 4 ways HR can benefit from technology

TomTom's SVP HR: 4 ways HR can benefit from technology

As technology reshapes the way we live, so too does it have a major impact on where, when and how we work.

HR Tech World opens in Paris on October 25, facilitating a meeting of HR minds and a discussion and analysis of the future of work and the intersection of HR and technology.

Arne-Christian Van Der Tang, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at TomTom will speak at the event, having led the company’s global HR team since 2014.

Van Der Tang identifies a number of issues facing HR internationally, including the war for talent and skills shortages in India, China and Western Europe.

“There’s a lack of international and social mobility, which is leading to a lack of diversity and a reluctance to tap into talent pools in regions such as the Middle East and Africa,” he told HR Grapevine.

“Adding to this, globally employer brands lack authenticity and are more often than not fabricated by marketing agencies in an effort to attract the best, which leads to further issues.”

However as technology develops and intersects with the HR function, Van Der Tang identified four ways the sector can benefit: 

  1. Technology will give HR the ability to create an employee-centric experience, including evolution in learning, development, promotions, reward and recognition
  2. Technology will allow HR to keep consistence from candidate to alumni
  3. Technology will further the power of analytics and segmented solutions
  4. Technology will allow HR to be agile in solution design rather than using a one size fits all solution for staff

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