The UK's remotest bar is hiring

The UK's remotest bar is hiring

Convincing candidates to relocate for the perfect role can be a challenge at the best of times, but spare a thought for those looking to fill a role at the Puff Inn - a bar on the island of Hirta, located 112 miles west of mainland Scotland.

Not only is the island remote, it hasn’t had any permanent residents since 1930 – in fact the Puff Inn has the title of the remotest bar in the UK.

Once a hangout for drunken sailors, the bar – which is named after the nearby colony of puffins - was eventually closed to the public in 2015 - The Times reports.

Despite this the bar can house up to 20 patrons a night, mostly Ministry of Defence staff from the local missile monitoring station.

The bar steward/cleaner who is hired will pull pints, clean, and regularly unload supplies from a visiting helicopter.

Billed as a great way to escape the pressures of modern life, the ad states that relevant experience is not essential and stresses that the ideal candidate should have the "ability to work on [their] own initiative."

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