10 reasons a candidate should walk away from a job offer

10 reasons a candidate should walk away from a job offer

Whittling the search down to that coveted candidate is just one stage of the hiring process, and the next step is just as important – it could make or break that golden hire.

A candidate possessing many talents has the choice to walk away, especially if the interview and the following steps leave them with a bitter taste.

Liz Ryan CEO and Founder of Human Workplace, and Forbes contributor writes ten reasons why good candidates, who have the choice to turn job offers down, do so.

1. Experiencing an insulting interview - Ryan says to “walk away. If the employer gives you a new online test, personality assessment or assignment (to work for free!) at every turn, then this employer doesn’t deserve your talents.”

2. No clarity about the role - If the interviewer isn’t clear about what the job is, the confusion is unlikely to go away once the candidate starts.

3. A mismatch between the candidate and the potential boss - Ryan says: “If your hiring manager (the person who will be your boss in your new position) does not strike you as honest, smart and appreciative of your talent, get out of the pipeline! Your direct supervisor is the most important person to you in any job. He or she will play a major role in your movie. If you don’t feel a connection with him or her, keep looking.”

4. A bad company culture - A company that is “bureaucratic, cheap when it comes to spending money or generally broken, walk away” Ryan advises.

5. Lack of Enthusiasm - “If the people you talk to in your interviewing process aren’t excited about their own jobs, get out!”

6. Badly-designed positions – If the hiring manager can’t answer questions about pay, a career path, or objectives for the new hire, a candidate will have no clarity regarding their personal and professional growth.

7. Too many delays – “If the firm keeps delaying the interview process and putting up new roadblocks get lost. If a hiring manager doesn’t have the clout to make a new hire when the interview process is already in full swing, imagine how impossible it will be to get anything done!” Ryan says.

8. Know your own worth and don’t back down - Ryan advises “if they quibble with you about money when you know that what you’re asking for is the market rate for people like you — bail. You will never be happy working for a company that pinches pennies where talent is concerned.”

9. Company reviews – If you use Glassdoor and find too many negative reviews, it’s possible that you’ll end up unhappy too.

10. Gut instinct – If your gut is screaming “Don’t do it”, even if you want the job, don’t take it. 

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