The top interim service providers of 2016

The top interim service providers of 2016

This year’s rankings for companies that provide interim management services to some of the largest global businesses in the world have been revealed. 

The Institute of Interim Management (IIM), the membership body for interim managers operating at Board or near-Board level, has published its annual list of the Top 80 Leading Interim Service Providers. 

Each year over 2,000 interim managers and executives vote for several interim service providers in the IIM’s annual Interim Management Survey. While the majority of the ranking comes from this year’s vote, previous year’s recognition is considered to ensure an ongoing track record of excellence. This also ensures the results aren’t based purely on one year’s activity.

The top 80 are broken-down in to Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze based on their positioning in the rankings.

For the last three years in a row the top interim providers have been Odgers Interim, Interim Partners and Penna: Executive Interim consecutively.  

Meanwhile, Allen Lane (18) and Badenoch & Clark (19) have risen up the rankings to reach the top 20 – Platinum level – for the first time.

The full list of Platinum providers are:

1. Odgers Interim

2. Interim Partners

3. Penna: Executive Interim

4. Gatenby Sanderson

5. Eton Bridge Partners

6. Veredus

7. Practicus

8. BIE

9. Hemming Robeson

10. WBMS

11. Green Park

12. Alium Partners

13. Solace in Business

14. Russam GMS

15. Boyden Interim Management

16. Investigo

17. Executives Online

18. Allen Lane

19. Badenoch & Clark

20. Williams Bain

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