Why well-groomed employees are paid more

Why well-groomed employees are paid more

A lack of grooming could be holding back scruffy employees, with a new study linking those with a smart appearance to more frequent pay rises.

A study from Chicago and California Universities followed the career paths of 14,600 men and women over 13 years, starting when they were still at school – The Daily Mail reports.

They found that those who make the effort to appear neat and tidy - from their hair to clothes and make-up – typically earn around £11,000 a year more by the end of their twenties.

The study – published in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility - found that being well turned-out was the key factor in predicting a person’s salary, regardless of looks, education, family background, weight or race.

We find that attractive individuals earn roughly 20% more than people of average attractiveness, but this gap is reduced when controlling for grooming, suggesting that the beauty premium can be actively cultivated.

“Grooming – a social activity that requires attention to social cues, investment of resources and conformity to desired social identities – is the key that provides women access to the premium associated with attractiveness,” the study reads.

“While good grooming is beneficial for men, it is imperative for women, and allows women to access labour market rewards regardless of how physically attractive they are rated.”

Comments (2)

  • ElaineM
    Mon, 11 Jul 2016 2:06pm BST
    Is this for real? What an archaic view if it is, I'm the lone female in a team of men, all doing the same job, I don't wear make up but it hasn't held me back in any way!
  • Sir
    Mon, 11 Jul 2016 12:43pm BST
    So, if we give in to this madness, we will soon have a world full of well-dressed buffoons - who don't know much, but look great.

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