Succession Planning Toolkit

Succession Planning Kit: Great resources to make succession planning easy.

Imagine if your CFO — or someone else in a mission-critical role — retired sooner than expected or suddenly left the company. Although you can’t always anticipate these events, you should be prepared for them. Enter a strong succession plan.

Having a solid succession plan can reduce the time it takes to fill key positions, cut turnover costs and give your company a competitive advantage. Not having an effective plan can expose your organisation to all kinds of risks. This is why it’s no surprise that factors such as developing and maintaining a talent pipeline, and leadership readiness concerns make the list of top concerns in executive surveys from Harvard Business Review, PWC, Deloitte and Gartner year after year.

Yet, despite these concerns, many organisations either defer implementing a program or fail to invest sufficient resources in their program to make it effective.

When it comes to succession planning, one of the biggest challenges can be figuring out where to start the process. That’s where the Succession Planning Kit[ can help. The kit is packed with best practices, templates and tools to help you put the “success” in succession planning.  Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • 10 key steps to effective succession planning: A starting point to help decision-makers and HR contemplate the ins and outs of practical succession planning.
  • Succession planning template: A template you can use to conduct a talent bench review and crgrid for succession planning.
  • Succession Assessment Tool: A tool to help you compare your succession planning to best practices.

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Discover how best-practice succession planning can help ensure that every part, section and department of your organisation has a large pool of employees ready to step into new roles.  Book a free trial of Halogen Succession™ today.

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