Microsoft recruiter slammed for cringeworthy email

Microsoft recruiter slammed for cringeworthy email

Microsoft has been left red-faced after an email from an overenthusiastic recruiter was leaked, highlighting the risks associated with coming across as overzealous when trying to recruit the younger generation.

Tweeted by Patrick Burtchaell, the email was sent to the college student’s roommate and featured some language incomprehensible to even the most up-to-the-minute Millennial.

Essentially inviting the student to Microsoft’s party at tech recruitment event Internapalooza, the recruiter’s letter has gone viral and been branded as “cringe worthy”.

The email reads:

“Hey Bae Intern <3

Hi! I am Kim, a Microsoft University Recruiter.

My crew is coming down from our HQ in Seattle to hang out with you and the crowd of bay area interns at Internapalooza on 7/11.

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, we're throwing an exclusive after party the night of the event at our San Francisco office and you're invited.

There will be hella noms, lots of dranks the best beats and just like last year, we're breaking out the Yammer beer pong tables!


Full of abbreviations and words not yet admitted to the dictionary, the email fails to gel with Microsoft’s professional image – with website Oregon Live even providing a translation.

A Microsoft spokesperson did not defend the recruiter in an email response to Gizmodo:

“The email was poorly worded and not in keeping with our values as a company. We are looking into how this occurred and will take appropriate steps to address it.”

Comments (3)

  • Mark
    Fri, 22 Jul 2016 3:54pm BST
    LoL - Perhaps this is why MS's spellchakker is so orful!!
  • Kerry
    Thu, 7 Jul 2016 5:38pm BST
    It isn't setting the scene for how to conduct oneself in a 'professional environment'. The whole email is very cringe worthy - I wouldn't take it seriously.
  • Boris
    Thu, 7 Jul 2016 1:32pm BST
    I understood most of that and wouldn't have been offended to have received it. It appears that Microsoft need to have that stick removed and chill.

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