Employers urged to give workers time off for EU referendum vote

Employers urged to give workers time off for EU referendum vote

The upcoming EU referendum is causing a divide amongst public opinion, political parties and businesses.  

With possibly the biggest decision of the century approaching, the consideration of voters is paramount.

That’s why the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is writing to employers to allow staff to work flexibly on the EU referendum date.  

The CBI represents 190,000 companies, and will urge them to allow staff to take polling day off. Critics argue that the initiative is part of their drive to encourage voters to remain in the EU, as they claim that leaving will damage the British economy.

According to Sky News, Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General at the CBI, said that companies had "an important role to play," pleading that they "do what they can to help their staff have the time to cast their vote."

James Campanini, VP and General Manager – EMEA at the Blue Jeans Network, comments on the initiative: “It’s great to see these organisations recognising the importance of ensuring [that] flexible working is available on this day, and it’s important not to forget the value it can bring to businesses all year round. Modern technology has made working remotely just as effective as working in the office and employers should take advantage of this.

“With smartphones, integrated applications, video communication software and cloud-based document storing, employees working remotely are at no disadvantage. They can perform all of their tasks to the same standard, regardless of whether they’re in the office, at a coffee shop or at home. 

“Added to this, employees actually want to work remotely more often to achieve greater work-life balance, reduce travel times and increase productivity. The time is now for businesses to implement this policy and give workers what they crave. Through implementing a successful flexible working initiative, including the right processes and technology, businesses can have the best of both worlds – a productive [and] happy workforce. Let’s hope the CBI announcement is the turning point that we need to make regular flexible working a reality.”

Will you be letting your employees take time off for the EU vote? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below…

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